Food Safety Awareness

Take this course safe in the knowledge that it is endorsed by Skills for Care and meets CQC requirements.

Compliant with health & Social Care standards


Around 20% of the UK population develop gastroenteritis each year (Fit for Work, NHS Choices) and this does not include other D&V illnesses such as the Norovirus or food poisoning

Symptoms can last one to seven days and an employee should not return to work until two days from the last symptom.

This can be a massive loss to a workforce, the illness can be spread to team members and clients and if the organisation is found to be at fault claims can be made and costs can be high.

Wherever food is served, it is important to demonstrate the highest standards of food preparation, handling, storage and serving.

The Food Safety Awareness course is designed with this in mind and complements the guidelines issued by the Food Standards Agency (FSA).

The Food Safety Awareness course is designed for:

• New and existing employees in the care sector
• Anyone preparing or cooking food for consumers
• Individuals wishing to refresh previously learned skills and knowledge
• Businesses looking to provide staff development to food employees
• Self-employed, food-based small business owners

The certification displaying the course content will demonstrate how National Occupational Standards have been met.


For the Learner

Learners, take this course safe in the knowledge that it is meeting industry standards while providing you with the underpinning knowledge required by care sector providers.

For the Employer

Employers choose this course for your employees and rest assured that not only have they fulfilled their legal responsibility but that this training will provide employees with the knowledge and skills to work safely and provide evidence to demonstrate compliance with Skills for Care and CQC key lines of enquiry.

Work at your own pace...

Work through this course, watch the videos, navigate the resources to professional organisations and current legislation and prove your knowledge with interactive quizzes before being awarded the Food Safety Awareness certificate.

Skills for Care Endorsement for Care Training Services

Endorsed by Skills for Care

Meets CQC Requirements

About Care Training Services

Care Training Services was established in 2011 with the aim of providing outstanding training in the Health and Social Care sector. To accompany the 100’s of hours of classroom training, we are pleased to bring you the Food Safety Awareness online course.

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