Medication Awareness Course


Is Your Workplace Prepared?

Did you know that under the Care Standards Act 2000 all residential care workers must be qualified and deemed capable of meeting all of their children and young people’s health needs including their medication?

Did you also know that the Care Quality Commission (CQC) expects all adult social care providers to induct staff in line with the standards set out in the Care Certificate?

Standard 13: Health and Safety state that, as a minimum, new workers must be able to:

  • describe the agreed ways of working in relation to medication
  • describe the agreed ways of working in relation to health care tasks
  • list the tasks relating to medication and healthcare procedures that they are not allowed to carry out until they are competent Medication Awareness

The Medication Awareness Course is designed for:

  • New and existing employee’s in the care sector
  • Anyone dispensing medications, applying creams and completing MAR paperwork, care plans and risk assessments

Upon successful completion of this training candidates will be able to demonstrate an understanding of current legislation whilst also obtaining practical knowledge of the procedures that they must follow in order to ensure that medication is administered safely, securely and in line with confidentiality.

What’s more, employers can book this course for their employees and rest assured that not only have they fulfilled their legal responsibility but that this training will provide employees with the knowledge and skills to work safely and provide evidence to demonstrate compliance with Ofsted and CQC key lines of enquiry.

What's Covered?

Depending on the requirements of your particular Health & Social Care setting:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Uses of medication
  • Types and uses of medication including side effects
  • Non-prescription medication
  • Contraindications
  • Consent
  • Medication storage
  • Labels, correct vs faults
  • Medication storage
  • Correct administration practices
  • Legislation and codes of practice
  • Confidentiality
  • Infection control
  • Medication trolleys
  • Interruptions & distractions and managing them
  • Medication administration records
  • Observation
  • Crushing & covert medication
  • Disposal of medicines
  • Controlled drugs
  • Self medication
  • Home care issues
  • Preventing & managing medication errors


The certification displaying the course content will demonstrate how National Occupational Standards have been met.

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